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For investors
The investment program of the Eurotraders Investment Solutions Limited Company is developed and implemented in the investment process as three groups of investment offers that can meet any investor’s requirements for profitability and turnover of the invested funds.
Trust management of client investment funds is based on the company’s successful commercial activity and finds its expression directly in our investment offers.
Let's consider each group of investment offers in more detail.

"Stock market" group investment offers

This investment offer includes 4 investment plans. The most important difference from investment offers of other groups is that "Stock market" is a life-long payment of dividends on investments. Thus, the return of the investment principal amount is not provided in the "Stock market".
Your profitability will vary depending on the nominal value of the invested amount.

"Crypto currencies" group investment offers

As in the above mentioned investment group, accruals of all “Crypto currencies” investment offers are made daily on calendar days. However, any investment made in this investment group has a validity period, at the end of which the investor gets the investment principal back. And, in addition, your profit will change depending on the nominal value of the invested amount and the term of the investment offer.

"Forex market" group investment offers

The "Forex market" group of investment offers is not as profitable as, for example, "Crypto currencies", but at the same time it is characterized by general increased dynamism of investment offers and the democratic nature of investment conditions. Like the "Crypto currencies" group, the "Forex market" also provides the return of the investment principal amount at the end of the investment term and the total income directly depends on the terms and amount of investments.
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General conditions for all investment offers

You can place simultaneously any number of investments on any investment offer of any group without limit.
You can invest in all investment offers of all groups of investment plans.
All settlements are made in USD.
The minimum amount of a one-time investment is 25USD.
The minimum possible amount is 0.1 USD.
There are no limits to the maximum withdrawal amount.
There are no additional commissions for withdrawing funds or for making investments.
Available for investment electronic payment systems: Bitcoin, Advanced Cash, Payeer, Perfect Money.
You can withdraw funds only on the same electronic payment system, with the use of which this particular investment was made.
The payment schedule allows processing requests for withdrawal up to 24 hours.