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Rules & Agreements

User Agreement

The following User Agreement has the force of a public offer and applies to all participants of the investment program of Eurotraders Investment Solutions Limited, located at 1RX EC2M, 55 Old Broad Street, London.

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement comes into effect only with a voluntary and informed agreement between Eurotraders Investment Solutions Limited company (hereinafter the Company) and the person (hereinafter the Client) who, at the moment of the conclusion of the Agreement, has reached majority according to the laws of his country of residence. This Agreement must be accepted for execution in full, without limitation, imaginary or explicit benefits and exceptions.
1.2. The essence of this Agreement is that the Company undertakes to provide reliable and high-quality services to the Trust Management of the Client's investment funds, as well as to provide information and consulting assistance directly related to the process of the Company's investment program implemented through the website www.Eurotraders.top , in the amount necessary for a productive, conflict-free interaction between the Company and the Client.
1.3. The Client in turn accepts the Agreement and all the items in full and without exception, while assuming the obligation not to distort the essence and content of the adopted Agreement.

2. Registration

2.1. In order to become a Client of the Company, an investor must complete the registration procedure on the company's website. Completion of the registration procedure is a confirming moment that records the beginning of interaction between the Client and the Company.
2.2. In the process of a personal account registration the Client must accurately and correctly fill in all fields of the registration form and send it after the Agreement accepting. By sending his registration data, the Client confirms that all registration data was provided correctly.
2.3. For its part, the Company unconditionally accepts these data for further processing and monitoring of registration statistics, and also assumes responsibility for the safety of the data provided by the Client in conditions of full and unconditional confidentiality.

3. Investments

3.1. The Client has the right to invest in the Company's program using personal funds and make deposits for any investment offer from any group of investment offers of the Company.
3.2. With the deposit activation, the funds invested by the Client in the Company's investment program are final and will be returned to the Client at the end of the term of the chosen investment offer.

4. Profit

4.1. Profit in the form of interest on investment is accrued on calendar days, with an interval of 24 hours. The funds are accrued directly to the account balance and are immediately available for withdrawal to the Client's wallet at any convenient time.
4.2. Profit in the form of partner remuneration for the deposits of the Client's partners is credited directly to the account balance and can be immediately withdrawn to the Client's wallet at any convenient time. Attention! Profit in the form of partner remuneration is credited only from that electronic payment system, with the use of which the Client's partner made the investment.

5. Regulation on risks

5.1. The Company is not liable for the reimbursement of funds in situations of investment activities suspension for reasons beyond the Company's control. In such a case, the Client cannot claim compensation for probable loss of funds in the Company.
5.2. It must be clearly understood that any investment activity may be subject to possible risks, such as the loss of investment funds. Agreeing with the foregoing, the Client accepts the fact that he voluntarily transfers his personal funds in the trust management of the Company and accepts the conditions for not filing claims and demands for refunds in cases where the funds were lost not through fault or due to unprofessional actions of the Company.

6. Settlement of disputes

6.1. In cases of disputes or disagreements between the Client and the Company, the solution of these situations is carried out through bilateral negotiations, without the admission of third parties to the negotiation process. And such negotiations are conducted before a full and exhaustive settlement of the conflict situation while respecting the interests of both sides.

7. Copyright

7.1. All content, whether graphics, text or any other information, as well as video and gif animation, text content, etc., is the exclusive intellectual property of the Company. Any mentioning, word-by-word quoting of content, reposting fragments of text in any volume, placing video, audio or text fragments on the Internet, and reselling in general, should by default has appropriate comments in a form that provides exhaustive information about Owner of the rights to this intellectual property.
7.2. Partial or full copying of this content for the commercial use in the future is possible only on the basis of preliminary agreement with the owners of the Company's program.

8. Liability

8.1. If the Client neglects, interprets at his own discretion or does not comply with the sense and spirit of the Agreement, the Company will take measures of exacting kind. Among these measures can be the following actions: warning, penalty, partial and temporary restriction of access to the Personal Account, temporary blocking of the account, complete deletion of the account with write-off of all accrued funds (referral awards and rewards that could be on the account balance at that moment) with the subsequent return of the investment principal to the Client.

9. Final Provisions

9.1. Solely the Company can initiate any changes or additions to this Agreement.
9.2. If the Client continues to use the services of the Company after the above changes or additions came into effect, he agrees and accepts in full the new version of this Agreement.
9.3. Any changes or additions come into force from the moment of their actual publication in this section and in the section "News". The Client undertakes to monitor all changes on the website of the company.
9.4. All sections of the Company's website with regulatory and / or condition-defining information are correlated equally with this Agreement and are an integral part of this Agreement.